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Jose Bautista's ferocious ALDS bat flip is now a goal celebration in NHL '17

Befitting the first celebration to most likely exit Earth's orbit, Jose Bautista's titanic bat flip during Game 5 of last year's ALDS has received all manner of tribute: in ink, in Photoshop, on a (cereal) box, with a fox -- OK, fine, maybe not that last one.

Still, as the 2016 postseason looms on the horizon, the Bat Flip Heard 'Round the World was missing something. Something that would secure its place in the culture for all time. Something that would allow us to put the bat flip in our own hands. Something ... Canadian. Luckily, EA Sports is on the case:

In the new NHL '17 game, you can now celebrate a goal by flinging your bat -- er, stick -- to the sky, in the traditional Torontonian way.

 We can only hope this development leads to the ideal MLB-NHL collaboration: MLB fashion consultant Don Cherry.