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Jose Bautista's pregame warmup routine was a little too complicated for Orbit

MLB players like Jose Bautista have extensive pregame stretching routines, so as to make sure they're all limbered up and ready to go. You can't just get up off the couch and do something like this, you know? Bautista, for example, swings two mini bats (note: notmini-Joey Bats) in a kind of crisscrossing pattern to loosen his shoulders and chest.  
Always looking to improve his dexterity (probably for whatever mascot shenanigans he may be cooking up), Orbit hung out with Bautista before the Astros' wild 2-1 win over the Blue Jays on Monday. He tried imitating the Toronto slugger's warmup, but it takes a bit to get the feel for an intricate routine like Bautista's:

No, that's not quite it, though it was good practice should Orbit want to pick up a second job with the ground crew at George Bush International Airport.
Let's try one more time …

You're right, Orbit -- how does he make it look so simple?