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Jose Fernandez forgot how many outs there were, so he pulled out his Homer Simpson impression

Jose Fernandez may be among the contingent stumping for a pitcher's home run derby, but chances are if there was a baserunning skills competition, he might not make the grade. When Ichiro hit a pop fly to shallow right in the bottom of the second on Tuesday night in the Marlins' 3-2 loss to the Braves, Fernandez took off running. Unfortunately for the ace, there was only one out. 
Cue the Homer Simpson impression: 

Of course, maybe Fernandez simply assumed that Ichiro was going to pick up a hit. Given that he was hitting a robust, and younger-Ichiro-like,.349, it's not a bad assumption to make.
Plus, given the way Fernandez gets outs while on the mound (7 IP, 7 K, 0 R on Tuesday), it's OK if he sometimes forgets what to do on the basepaths. His teammates seemed to understand.