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Jose Fernandez stole his keys, so the Phanatic performed a citizen's arrest

Many intrepid souls have attempted to steal the Phanatic's ATV, but those many intrepid souls ultimately failed. LaTroy Hawkins, for example, was bested by the Phanatic's child cavalry. Kiké Hernandez was intimidated into acquiescing by the mere hint of a physical confrontation. The point is: Don't swipe the Phanatic's keys, or you'll surely face his wrath.
Unfortunately, Jose Fernandez did not heed this lesson. When he pocketed the keys before the Marlins-Phillies game Wednesday afternoon, the Phanatic performed a citizen's arrest and hauled him off to Citizens Bank Park jail.

Although, is it a valid citizen's arrest if the creature doing the arresting is a member of an unknown species from the Galapagos Islands?