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Watch Jose Ramirez's double and marvel at his helmet's journey

Jose Ramirez hit a two-out double in the second inning of the Indians game against the Astros on Monday, and as he was sprinting into second, his helmet slid off his head. Then this happened:

Look, if you watch enough baseball, you'll see your fair share of weirdness. You'll see a perfectly played wild pitch. You'll see a baseball break right through a fielder's glove. You'll see a living legend become living legend-ier. It's just part of the game. But this is something different. This is inexplicable. 

How exactly did Ramirez's helmet change direction in mid-air to land on his back at second? Does Ramirez have a set of magnets in his helmet and hair? Was there some unseen giant pulling it on a string? Was it just really windy in Minute Maid Park?
Whatever it was, Adam Eaton must've seen it during the White Sox-Rangers game, because when he collided with Rougned Odor in the 12th inning and then took off for third, he made sure his helmet was definitely with him -- for a moment, at least:

Reminder, everyone: Keep tabs on your helmets, or who knows what kind of shenanigans they'll get into?