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Jose Ramirez prevailed in a 17-pitch (!) at-bat against Ken Giles

Jose Ramirez is not afraid of anything. For example, when Dexter Fowler's "I will get a hit" tweet mantra worked for Fowler, Ramirez tried to do the same thing himself, because -- why not? He's also resilient -- and he proved that during a long at-bat on Sunday.
In the bottom of the ninth during the Astros-Indians game, Ramirez got a lot of camera time against Ken Giles with a 17-pitch (!) at bat. This is what the pitching chart looked like:

He ultimately won the battle and hit a line-drive double to center:

After the game, Astros manager, AJ Hinch, told's Ben Weinrib that at-bat "completely changed the complexion of that inning."
"It was quite an at-bat," Hinch told "You don't see that a lot -- he's a good hitter. That's why he's probably going to be an All-Star and get a lot of attention for being one of the better hitters in the league."
And as far as Giles goes? Nothing but respect for Ramirez.
"I went after him, and he won the battle," Giles said. "Hats off to him. I was giving him all I got, and he got me at the end."
That was a long time at the plate -- maybe he and Giles are friends now.
"There are so many things that go into that," Cleveland manager Terry Francona told's Jordan Bastian after the game. "But without that ... that was an incredible at-bat. It changed the whole inning because they ended up having to go to the bullpen just because of the pitch count. There was a lot of things that happened that were incredible, or we don't win."
Through the team's translator, Ramirez recalled "waking the team up" with his prolonged trip to the plate:
"I looked in the dugout. Everyone was smiling. Even I was smiling and laughing a little bit. But it was definitely a key part. It motivated all of us and everybody was anxious to get their turn after that, because there were a lot of pitches and it helped us get going."
Did he get tired during the at-bat? Nope. 
"I wasn't really tired. I was so concentrated on looking for a pitch and getting a pitch that I could drive. Thankfully when I got that pitch, I was able to drive it. But I didn't get tired because I was so focused on that."
Ramirez's teammate, Yonder Alonso (who would hit a game-tying solo homer in the 14th) lauded the epic at-bat, too:
"I think that at-bat right there was this whole game. You know, a long at-bat, long game, never giving up -- we never gave up. Executing at the right time, and obviously, hitting a bullet and getting on base, starting that inning off. It says a lot about Jose, but the rest of the team and how we don't give up, and we don't settle and we don't want to make the last out."
This reminded us of the 21-pitch at-bat by Brandon Belt and Jaime Barria on April 22, that landed in the history books. Barria had 49 pitches in that first inning against the Giants. Good times.
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