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Two of Vladimir Guerrero's sons homered on Thursday and he was proud

(Alex Gallardo)

Thursday was a good day to be Vladimir Guerrero. Papa Vlad is, of course, waiting on his upcoming Hall of Fame induction this July, so every day in 2018 is a good day.
Down in the Minors, top prospect Vladimir Guerrero Jr. continued to crush, smoking his ninth homer of the season with Double-A New Hampshire:

Guerrero Jr. is now hitting a preposterous .427/.479/.707 in 42 games. But we already knew about his smashing success.
What we didn't realize is that there is another Vladdy -- Vladimir Miguel Guerrero. Papa Vlad shared a clip of him crushing a long ball in Little League, with a wonderful bat flip too:

Vladdy Miguel is only about 12, so he still has quite some time before MLB teams can really start dreaming about him. But the potential is clearly there!
Our future is full of Vladimir Guerreros, and we're here for it.