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Vlad Guerrero Jr. posted a photo to Instagram geotagged at JFK and the internet went wild

There's no question that Vladimir Guerrero Jr. can mash baseballs. Just this year, he's already hit the greatest walk-off in Spring Training history, he crushed an opposite-field dinger off a batting tee and he's hit some balls that may still be traveling as I write this sentence.
The question is: When are the Blue Jays going to call up baseball's No. 2 overall prospect
Well, with Toronto in town to take on the Mets this week, Guerrero posted an Instagram picture geotagged to JFK Airport:

The internet went wild, imagining Vlad Guerrero's large adult son taking his talents straight from Double-A to the Major Leagues. Many Jonah Hill excited GIFs were posted.

But then, Guerrero Jr. deleted the geotag on the post, and some Twitter investigative reporters noticed that the picture may have been from December. Was it actually a mistake? Did he not mean to post the photo at all? Was he just reminiscing about his last time at JFK?

The entire picture was eventually taken down and, at this point, we don't know whether Guerrero was trolling us or the whole thing was an accident. Only Vlad knows for sure.

His current team, the New Hampshire Fisher Cats, had some fun with the situation before their game against Hartford.

And then, of course, Carmen Vladiego went deep in his first at-bat:

Either way, please bring him to MLB soon, Blue Jays.