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Josh Donaldson shocked Blue Jays fans in the Rogers Centre fifth deck with a monster homer

It takes a truly impressive slugger to crush a home run into the fifth deck of Rogers Centre in Toronto. With 78 round-trippers from 2015-16, Josh Donaldson definitely fits that qualifier.
Despite Donaldson's power, it's fair to say that fans up there don't expect to catch anything. In the fourth inning of Tuesday night's 6-4 win over the Reds, though, Donaldson had them in for a bit of a surprise.

That one was long gone, 435 feet away and into territory made famous by the likes of Jose Canseco and Manny Ramirez.

Two Blue Jays fans, Darrin and Maeve of Brampton, Ontario, were sitting in the left-field fifth deck, right where Donaldson's tape-measure shot landed. "I never imagined they would be able to hit this high up," Darrin told Real-Time Correspondent Colton Hall.

Video via Colton Hall / Real-Time Correspondent
The view really puts the true distance of Donaldson's homer into perspective. The only problem? It was hit too hard for them to come home with a souvenir.
"We could see it coming, but didn't think it would be that high," said Darrin. "We tried to react, but it was all too fast and we were too late." 
They'll just have to hope that Donaldson does it again. It's not like this was his first time in the fifth deck anyway, so there's hope!