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Trying to break a slump, Josh Donaldson used Nolan Arenado's bat ... and he homered

In the month of August entering Thursday, Josh Donaldson was hitting just .235 with three homers and seven RBIs. He's in what big leaguers dread being in more than anything else in the world, a slump. So he decided to use Nolan Arenado's powerful bat -- which former Rockies teammate/current Blue Jay Troy Tulowitzki had in the clubhouse:

That's great and all, but c'mon, Josh -- do you really think using somebody else's bat is gonna work? What are the chances? How much can a different cut of wood really help? Is it a different cut of wood? How many homers can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchu -- Oh.

That was a great idea, Josh. A Statcast™-measured 453-foot good idea. Hopefully you have time to write a nice thank-you card to Nolan after the game.