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Josh Harrison, baseball magnet, can't explain how he already has 20 hit-by-pitches this season

Entering the All-Star Break, Pirates utility man Josh Harrison has been hit by a pitch 20 times this season. Twenty. In just 85 games. For comparison's sake, his previous career high for a single season was seven (in 2012 and '15). He even went through a stretch this season where he was hit in four consecutive at-bats. Seriously

So he's already having a career year, as it were, albeit in a category that would make most hitters wince. What's the secret to his hit-by-pitch prowess? Is he standing closer to the plate, maybe? Or, as he playfully suggests in the interview above (conducted by the Cespedes Family BBQ at All-Star Media Day), do pitchers just not like him?

Whatever the real reason, Harrison affirms that no, he won't be changing his approach or wearing special padding each trip to the plate in hopes of avoiding more pitches -- no reason to change up your methods. Besides, it's a free trip to first base either way.