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Josh Reddick's wedding was the most Josh Reddick event ever, with WWE moves and Spider-Man belts

Josh Reddick is a baseball player, but he's also an avid -- and I mean avid -- professional wrestling fan. Who else shows up to a World Series parade with a WWE belt? 

Reddick's antics with wrestling belts was a thing during his time with the A's, and it's something he's held close to his heart for years. The same can be said for his affinity for Spider-Man ... remember this? 

Well, this weekend, Josh became a married man, tying the knot with Mrs. Jett Reddick in a ceremony that paid tribute to his love for wrestling in just about the most perfect way possible:

Oh, and of course the newlyweds received personalized WWE belts (with Spider-Man designs, naturally) for their big day. 

If you imagined how Reddick's wedding would go, this is pretty close to what you'd expect. 
Congrats to the Reddicks!