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Juan Uribe just wanted to toss the ball back to his pitcher, but the sun had other plans

For as long as there have been outfielders fielding fly balls, there have been outfielders getting blinded by the sun while fielding fly balls. And though the players may score the occasional victory, Mother Nature tends to always get her man -- in the infield, all over New York, sometimes even twice to the same poor soul in one game.
But there's no way the sun's menace could reach pitchers, right? I mean, they're pitchers -- they don't need to be looking skyward to find the strike zone. So now, on an entirely unrelated note, let's check in with Juan Uribe as he attempts to throw the ball back to starter Josh Tomlin during the Rangers' 9-2 win over the Indians on Monday:

... wait, what was that reaction? Where did that ball end up? Quick, we need a different angle:

Oh no. Not even the pitchers are safe. Prince Fielder advanced to third on the play, but it's a moot point now -- let's just pack it up, everybody, baseball is clearly not welcome on this planet.