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Marcell Ozuna threw out Julio Teheran at first base ... from right field

Getting a hit when you're a pitcher (unless your name is Madison Bumgarner) is a rare feat. It's not a skill you practice every day, it's not expected from you and so, if it happens, it's very exciting times.
During Wednesday's Marlins-Braves game, Julio Teheran managed to slap a grounder between first and second and into right field off of José Fernández. He was probably pretty thrilled. The Braves were probably pretty thrilled. Marcell Ozuna ended all those happy feelings pretty quickly:

The ole 9-3 putout. Statcast™ estimated the toss at 87.5 mph -- a speed that's below his normal 89.6-mph average on competitive throws.'s Mark Bowman talked to Teheran about the moment after the game:
"I didn't know he was that close. I thought it was a clear single, but after like three steps, I saw he was going to throw to first. That really surprised me. There was nothing I could do. I wasn't going to run hard. I'd prefer to be pitching than to get hurt running, trying to get a base hit."
But don't feel too bad, Braves fans. At least it wasn't the second time it happened in two days.