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Justin Bour stole his first base ... 310 games into his career

Mountains may not seem to move, but they do. Usually, though, it's over millions upon millions of years, so it's imperceptible to any living being. 
But Justin Bour is a man mountain. And during Thursday's 3-2 loss to the D-backs, the hulking Marlins slugger was much swifter. Standing on first base in the fourth inning, Bour took off and stole second. The earth shook. Tectonic plates shifted against each other. And in the end of this ballfield pangaea, Bour was on second base. It was his first career stolen base in his 310th big league game:

"I didn't know he had never done it before," starter Jeff Locke told's Joe Frisaro after the game. "If he steals that base off me, I'm 'what the heck?' I thought he couldn't run. But good for him."<o:p>
Though the streak was long, it's far short of the current active leader (non-pitcher) in career games without a stolen base. That mark belongs to catcher Wilson Ramos , who has played 585 career games without a stolen base. When the Nationals catcher returns from the DL later this year, maybe he'll use this moment for inspiration. 
If he thinks it's impossible, he should look no further than Cecil Fielder. The burly slugger stole his first career base in game No. 1,096.