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Justin Bour's near-tumble into the stands led to a close-up fan meet-and-greet

Momentum is a funny thing. While some may argue its existence as an intangible of the game of baseball, nobody can dispute its existence in the physical plane. 
It was reinforced yet again during the Marlins' 10-2 win over the Phillies on Wednesday afternoon thanks to Miami first baseman Justin Bour. Listed at 6-foot-3, 285 pounds, Bour is an imposing presence capable of hitting the baseball to insane heights, but even he is subject to the laws of physics.
In the sixth inning, Maikel Franco reached on a throwing error by shortstop J.T. Riddle, prompting Bour to jog over toward the seats to retrieve the ball. In doing so, Bour stumbled ever so slightly, but recovered and took the occasion to greet some fans in the seats: 

It was a rather eventful game for Bour, who also hit two homers on the day. 
Speaking with's Joe Frisaro after the game, Bour summed up the circumstances:
"Just running after the ball, full speed. I slipped a little bit on the cement. I think I fell gracefully. A big tree falls hard. I'm glad I didn't fall all the way down. I said hi to the fans."
Perfectly put, really.