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Justin Turner gave cricket a try while visiting Dubai and channeled Vladimir Guerrero

Justin Turner's had a busy month. He met fellow redhead Ed Sheeran, threw a star-studded bachelor party and had his wedding officiated by Dodgers icon Orel Hershiser. Now, he's vacationing in Dubai, but that doesn't mean he's forgotten about bat-and-ball games entirely.
Turner stopped by the ICC Academy and gave cricket a shot. That meant he had to suit up appropriately:

Hey, if you were plunked 42 times over the past three years, you'd do the same.
How were Turner's swings? Well, here's how he looks with a baseball bat ...

... and here's how he looks with a cricket bat:

We prefer his baseball look, but as Turner suggested, that doesn't mean hitting the ball off the ground in his normal game is impossible. Just ask Hall of Fame candidate Vladimir Guerrero:

That's a pro at work, JT.