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Justin Turner's doppelganger was spotted at the Phillies game, then Turner hit a home run

They say two is better than one. Which, for the most part, is true. Especially when it comes to some of the best players in the game discovering they have a twin. This happened last month when Yu Darvish's lookalike was spotted watching him pitch against Arizona, and the similarities were uncanny. And it happened again Monday night when Justin Turner's doppelganger made an appearance.
During the Dodgers-Phillies game, Turner's twin made his presence known. He was sporting a Dodgers jersey, and looked so similar to the All-Star third baseman that he could have walked on the field and nobody would have noticed. But the real Turner did jack a home run off Nick Pivetta in the top of the first. So, perhaps Turner-two is a good luck charm.

We don't know if there's a correlation between lookalikes and the Dodgers, but having two Justin Turners in one ballpark at the same time is pretty magical.