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Justin Verlander's pitch was so good, Todd Frazier thought it was a ball and struck out swinging

To say Justin Verlander is talented is an understatement. With a resume filled to the brim of accomplishments including six All-Star selections, an American League Cy Young Award, a blistering fastball and well, Kate Upton.
In the Astros' 7-1 win over the Yankees in Game 6 of the AL Championship Series presented by Camping World, Verlander proved just how tricky his curveball can be. His victim -- Todd Frazier.
During the top of the fifth inning on a 1-2 pitch, Verlander rocketed a 82-mph curve past Frazier, and the results made it difficult to watch:

"I hadn't seen [the curve] in a while. He hadn't thrown it in a long time," Frazier said after the game. "He buckled me. We all saw it. I looked silly. But I was ready for it the next at-bat and felt pretty good. I put a pretty good swing on it and he threw the fastball and I thought I had it."
Verlander remains filthy.