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Salvador Perez made sure that Royals fans helped Lorenzo Cain celebrate his birthday

Lorenzo Cain has kicked off his 2017 season in style for the Royals, hitting .345 with an .892 OPS through his first nine games. That included Thursday night, when his 2-for-3 performance led Kansas City to a 3-1 victory over the A's.

It was a special day for Cain anyway, though, as it also happened to be his 31st birthday. So that gave the Royals an even better reason to celebrate the win in the post-game.

Enter beloved catcher Salvador Perez:

Perez didn't stop there though, as he also spurred on a very willing crowd in singing "Happy Birthday" to Cain (as seen atop this post). It was definitely an exultant moment for the former playoff hero.

Perhaps looming in the back of Cain's mind? Perez's own birthday is coming up on May 10. The Royals will be on the road in Tampa Bay, but maybe Cain will return the favor of a birthday bucket dump. As long as it comes paired with a win, it's unlikely that anyone would complain.