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Keegan-Michael Key explained why it's perfectly OK to eat six hot dogs at the ballpark

Keegan Michael Key, one half of "Key & Peele" and star of the new movie "Don't Think Twice," threw out the first pitch before the Dodgers' 4-2 loss to the D-backs on Saturday. Before he took the mound, he dispensed some wisdom on a subject he clearly feels very passionate about: Why you should never feel bad about eating half a dozen hot dogs at a baseball game.
"When in Rome, right? If you get on a plane, you have some tomato juice. If you go to the ballpark, you eat six hot dogs and nobody says boo. You're allowed to have six hot dogs at the park. … [This jersey's] going to be a yellow jersey by the time I'm done. I'm a mustard guy."
We couldn't agree more, especially if it's six of these hot dogs
And as for his first pitch -- as was established in his interview, either he throws it really well and the crowd cheers, or he does very poorly and winds up on SportsCenter. A "win-win."

That was definitely the former.