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Not even crashing into Jason Kipnis could keep Ketchup from winning the Indians' Hot Dog Race

Determination, thy name is … Ketchup. Yes, the very same condiment so many folks don't consider a "real" complement to a hot dog. 
Specifically, this refers to one of the participants in the Indians' Hot Dog Race that took place during their 5-4 win over the Rangers on Wednesday.
Caught up in a footrace with Mustard and Relish, Ketchup was doing great. He had a sizable advantage over his fellow condiments and was coasting to an easy victory … until a wayward Kipnis appeared from the dugout.
That's where the adrenaline kicked in for Ketchup, who recovered from the tumble and zipped past both of his fellow racers to reclaim the top spot in what turned out to be a rather epic battle. 

The next time you're feeling like giving up, just remember Ketchup -- who perservered in his quest to be the best, despite a full-speed collision with a baseball player.