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Kevin Kiermaier held his own against professional pool player Jeanette Lee at Rays FanFest

Among the world of professional billiards, Jeanette Lee is one of the best to ever pick up a cue. The woman otherwise known as "The Black Widow" won just about everything in the 1990s, eventually earning status as the No. 1 female pool player in the world.
Rays outfielder Kevin Kiermaier, no slouch when it comes to excelling at his own job, was faced with a tough challenge on Saturday at Rays FanFest at Tropicana Field. Tasked with battling Lee on a pool table set up on the field, Kiermaier could have been intimidated. He could have buckled under the pressure. But he didn't.

Instead, Kiermaier put up an inspiring effort against Lee, making a number of great shots -- including at least one he called in advance, like the pros do. Most of us just hope the right ball finds a pocket, but not Kevin. And while he came up short against the Black Widow, losing all three of their head-to-head games, he surely could have done a lot worse. Watch the clip atop this post for a full rundown.
Clearly intent on broadening his horizons, Kiermaier also has his eyes on another talent competition outside the realm of baseball, which would also be fun to see: