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This Kevin Kiermaier catch was so good, the Rays commissioned a painting of it

There are plenty of reasons why Kevin Kiermaier won a Gold Glove Award in 2015. Like this, and this:

And that, and even this:

But when you're making those kinds of plays on a regular basis, it's not just the Baseball Writers' Association of America voters that are impressed, it's also the pitchers you're playing behind. It was with that in mind that Rays hurler Chris Archer thanked his center fielder for a job well-done. And what better way to thank a guy for his help than having him immortalized in a custom painting depicting his job well-done?

That's right, Archer presented his center fielder with a painting of Kiermaier robbing Manny Machado of a home run and gave it to the Gold Glover at Spring Training on Friday. Does the Rays clubhouse have a fireplace? If so, we know what's gonna be hanging above it.