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Kevin Pillar and Nicholas Castellanos had a spirited chat about Pillar's home run robbery on Sunday

On Sunday, Kevin Pillar did one of those things Kevin PIllar does -- he robbed a home run with ease, scaling the wall at Rogers Centre to take back a would-be two-run homer off the bat of the Tigers' Nicholas Castellanos: 

Other than the catch itself, Castellanos standing aorund the first-base bag applauding Pillar's stellar play was notable as a pretty great example of excellent sportsmanship. 

This wasn't a one-time deal, though. In Detroit's 3-2 win on Monday, Pillar and Castellanos actually spent a good minute or so chatting about the play between innings -- on the field, with Pillar touching on the importance of getting a quick jump on the ball: 

Great to see Castellanos was just as impressed with the play as everybody else was. Everything in life is a learning opportunity, they say, so why not turn what would otherwise be a frustrating moment into something like this? 
Plus, should Castellanos one day rob Pillar of a homer, this story would have its logical endpoint.