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Artificial turf no match for Kevin Pillar's latest jaw-dropping catch

Blue Jays outfielder Kevin Pillar does things on the field that most can't -- and he does much of it on artificial turf that is … less forgiving than real grass.
Pillar didn't let the reality of diving in the Toronto outfield get in the way of making an absolutely jaw-dropping catch in Saturday's game with the Dodgers, though:

Said Pillar to's Gregor Chisholm after the game
"I dragged my right cheek across the turf for about five yards, so I've got a little rug burn. I feel like that's what I'm out there to do, make plays. I try to keep them as routine as possible and I just feel like I'm doing my job. It was a good one."
As for his manager, John Gibbons, he's come to expect this sort of play from Pillar: 
"The kid can just play baseball. As far as the catch, we've seen that over and over. It really doesn't even shock you any more. You really come to expect it. Every time the ball goes up, you expect him to catch it. He's pretty special out there."
Gibbons is right, too. Those who pay attention to his style of play probably aren't surprised in the least. He does this sort of thing all the time

We're not kidding when we say he does this frequently: 

It's already been a rather eventful weekend for Pillar against the visiting Dodgers. He won Friday night's contest with a three-run homer, further establishing himself as a threat on both sides of the diamond: 

All in a day's work for Pillar.