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This kid lost a foul ball to Jeff Francoeur, but ended up with it anyway

The line between a foul ball worth reaching for and giving up on is narrow. For every difficult grab that will land you in the highlights of every evening sports show, there's the ball that's actually fair and gets you booted from the game. For every smooth snag, there's the ball you steal from your favorite player. That line was nearly crossed by a young fan on Monday. 
In the eighth inning of the Braves' 8-2 loss to the Phillies, Odubel Herrera hit a fly ball down the left-field line. This young fan had his arm outstretched, yearning for baseball glory, but Jeff Francoeur also wanted to do his job and bring an end to the frame.
Through the forest of gloved branches, Frenchy was somehow able to make the grab. After taking a moment to consider his options, he handed the ball off to the fan whose glove nearly prevented him from making the catch. 

A rare story where everyone wins.