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A's fan Klay Thompson threw a perfect first-pitch strike before Oakland's game with the Giants

As far as Bay Area baseball is concerned, you have to pick a side. A's or Giants. Sure, you can wear one of those split caps with both teams' logos on it -- on second thought, no, you shouldn't do that.

Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson has certainly made his choice between the two: the A's, whose cap he wears out in public often. Like he did in his recent trip to China: 

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The A's welcomed the Giants to the Coliseum on Monday night for the first game in an Interleague series, and Thompson was entrusted with tossing out a ceremonial first pitch. Which he did, firing a no-doubt strike to Marcus Semien:


That pitch was a careful selection, Thompson revealed later:

Thompson, known for hitting his targets on the court, has now thrown two ceremonial first pitches at A's games (both strikes, naturally).

And in an interview segment Thompson gave to NBC Sports Bay Area, he admitted the A's are his American League team -- while he roots for the Dodgers and his brother Trayce Thompson in the NL, something we've seen in action at AT&T Park

Now that Thompson's ahead in the count, 0-2, in his ceremonial first pitches, we have to imagine he'll have a chance to toss a third strike sometime in the future.

After all, we already know he's good at making threes ...