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Uh oh: Warriors' Klay Thompson supports brother Trayce, wears Dodgers cap in San Francisco

In the Bay Area, you have to make a choice. A's or Giants, 49ers or Raiders, folks usually pick one or the other. The Warriors and Sharks, then, are two of the teams everyone can more or less support without issue. 
Golden State star Klay Thompson, though, is in a unique position: His brother, Trayce Thompson, is an emerging star for the Dodgers -- the Giants' nemesis from Southern California. It's worth noting that Klay has shown his love for the Bay before, even throwing out a first pitch last year for the neighboring A's. But with a couple days off before Game 5 of the Finals back in Oakland, he decided to take in Saturday's Dodgers-Giants game ... in a Dodgers hat:

In Thompson's defense, it makes perfect sense: Though he grew up in Portland, Klay went to high school in Los Angeles, and he's supporting his sibling by donning Dodger blue. Still, though, it's one more log on the ever-burning fire that is Dodgers-Giants -- especially considering that, just last season, Klay's partner in splash Stephen Curry came to AT&T Park in full-on S.F. regalia.
But Klay wasn't the only Warrior in attendance on Saturday: Reigning NBA Coach of the Year Steve Kerr was also in the house, and when San Francisco walked off with a wild 5-4 win in extra innings, he made sure everyone knew exactly where his loyalties lie -- despite being a Southern California kid himself:

Of course, maybe Kerr was just being a good sport while surrounded by a number of Giants fans. After all, as Jerry Hairston knows, Kerr is an avowed Dodgers fan.