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Koji Uehara wanted some high fives in the dugout, got poked in the eye instead

While others might prefer to celebrate by running in place or dousing teammates in sugary goodness (RIP, Great Chocolate Syrup Craze of 2015), Red Sox setup man Koji Uehara prefers to keep it classic: He gives out high fives. 
These aren't just any high fives, though. The Koji Uehara high five is an out-of-body experience, full of passion and intensity:

Alas, after pitching a clean eighth inning during Saturday's 6-2 win over the Mariners, Uehara learned that there is a downside to every aggressive high fiving adventure. Sometimes, you end up inadvertently taking one in the eye:

It wouldn't be long before Uehara (jokingly) let it be known that such violence would not stand.

It is worth noting, though, that even in revenge Uehara still can't help by answer the request for a high five.