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The Korean call of Dae-Ho Lee's walk-off homer is as amazing as you thought it might be

Dae-Ho Lee hit a walk-off home run in the 10th inning of the Mariners' 4-2 win over the Rangers on Wednesday night.

It was great. And the calls, by Seattle's TV and radio broadcast, were great. You can listen to them here
But please, PLEASE, you must turn your volume all the way up, open all of your windows and listen to two Korean announcers absolutely lose their minds over the home run in the main clip above. No game should ever be played again without these two behind the microphone. The English translation is as simple and as homer-ific as you thought it might be:
Left fence!!!
Dae-Ho Lee!!!
Dae-Ho Lee!!!
Left fence!!!
It's outta here!!!
Dae-Ho Lee walk-off homer!!!