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The thunderstorm at Wrigley Field was so intense that even Kris Bryant leapt out of his seat

Anyone who has a dog or a young child understands how terrifying thunderstorms can be for those who don't really know what's going on. Even for adults, a loud crack of thunder when you're not fully paying attention can be enough to cause one to jump out of their seat.

We assume baseball players are different. To excel on the baseball field, you have to be unflappable. You have to tune out the heckling of opposing fans and any other distractions to focus on the game. During Wednesday's rain delay at Wrigley Field, however, Kris Bryant proved he's just like anyone else:

Just hearing that sound, it's understandable that Bryant would flee in search of better shelter. But seeing the sort of thunderstorm they were dealing with makes his reaction appear even more sensible.

Upon further review, Bryant appears to have the most reasonable reaction here. His teammates would probably have been well-advised to follow his lead.