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Victor Caratini's Jeter-esque play contained some very strange multitudes

Ever since Derek Jeter cemented his patented jump throw in the minds of anyone who watched baseball in the '90s and 2000s, seemingly thousands of shortstops have tried to do the same thing. Sometimes, it's not even the smartest play in the moment, but it's just so tempting.

Saturday afternoon offered another jump throw example, and it was under the most peculiar circumstances. The Mets were blowing out the Cubs, so backup catcher Victor Caratini threw the ninth inning to give the Chicago bullpen a breather.

Wilson Ramos hit a slow grounder to Caratini's right, so he ranged over and made a jump throw to get the out at first:

It was a slick play, but take a moment to consider how we got to this point.

You have a catcher pitching and making a defensive play near third base with a style that was made famous by a shortstop. Is that Yahtzee? I think it's Yahtzee.

Sure, Carataini has played a little third base and this wasn't even his first appearance on the mound this season. But it remains fascinating that despite no experience at shortstop and scant time even in the vicinity, his instincts still drove him to make a Jeter-esque play.

Clearly, Jeter's influence is eternal. He should really bask in his power.

Yes, exactly like that.