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Kurt Suzuki grounded out on a ball that hit directly off the knob of his bat

We all know that baseball is a game of inches. Inches often separate balls from strikes, home runs from fly outs and a stolen base from a caught stealing.
During Thursday afternoon's matchup with the Reds, Braves catcher Kurt Suzuki learned that inches also separate being hit by a pitch and grounding out harmlessly to a pitcher. Any slightly different placement of this ball would have hit Suzuki and not aligned perfectly with the knob of his bat:

Reds starter Homer Bailey recognized the perfect alignment of his pitch and the knob of Suzuki's bat, so he calmly fielded the ball and threw it to Joey Votto at first base for the 1-3 groundout.
It was just inches that separated Suzuki walking back to the dugout from him standing on first base.