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Kyle Schwarber hit a buzzer-beater HR to beat Rhys Hoskins in Round 2 of the Derby and hurled his bat

In the second round of the T-Mobile Home Run Derby, Kyle Schwarber was up against Rhys Hoskins, who smashed an impressive 20 dingers in his time at the plate. The barrel-shaped Cubs slugger started slow and things weren't looking good. 
But then, Schwarber caught fire and began launching baseballs with some seriously impressive hang time and distance. Quickly, the gap disappeared. After hitting multiple home runs over 440 feet, the left-handed hitter earned 30 extra seconds to try to defeat the Phillies hitter in a bonus round. 
He wouldn't need them. 
Schwarber tied Hoskins with 20, and then, as his normal time expired, Schwarber lifted No. 21 deep into the night. And he celebrated earning a spot in the finals by throwing his hands into the air and flipping his bat. Watch how majestic this looks as his lumber tumbled back down to earth: 

Hoskins, whose performance in another year may have been enough, could only cringe as he watched. This looks like something out of "The Office." 

Schwarber's power show carried him all the way to a final round showdown with the Nats' Bryce Harper -- which Harper won after a last-minute surge, tying Schwarber with 18 before hitting one final homer in extra time to take the championship.