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Despite slipping on the track, Kyle Schwarber still held on for the catch

Kyle Schwarber may be known more for his bat than his glove, but it's certainly not for lack of effort. Right before the umpires convened and delayed the game during the Brewers' 6-3 win on Friday, Schwarber battled through swirling winds and rains to nearly catch a ball all the way in the infield. Sure, he didn't make the catch, but you couldn't fault a single moment of effort in the downpour:

The Cubs left fielder was at it again on Sunday against the Brewers. Chasing Eric Thames' fly ball in the top of the first, Schwarber didn't have to battle the rain, but loose soil. Even though he went down, he still made the grab:

The natural elements have nothing on Schwarber's hustle.