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Watch Lance Lynn, a right-hander, hit from the left side for the first time in his career

Cardinals right-hander Lance Lynn isn't one of those pitchers who also shines at the plate. Entering Tuesday's game against the Marlins at Busch Stadium (a 5-2 win for the Marlins), Lynn owned a career line of .086/.135/.115, having picked up 21 base hits in 244 official at-bats (140 of which ended in a strikeout). 
With that context at play, it becomes somewhat clear why Lynn decided to hit left-handed for Tuesday's game, something manager Mike Matheny informed the media:

Matheny added that he was impressed with the practice Lynn has put in over the past few weeks, eager to make a positive change in his offensive results. 
What's more, Lynn offered up a fantastic quote to the FOX Sports Midwest crew regarding his decision, citing recent success in the batting cage as a main decision-making factor:

Launch angle discussions aside, Lynn's first plate appearance as a lefty resulted in a sacrifice bunt -- that was almost successful, as seen in the clip atop this post.
Still, it's a start!