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You try telling this enormous good boy that he's not a baseball lap dog

Dogs and baseball games are perfect together. Whether you want to call it "Bark at the Park," "Dog Days," or even "Pupperoo Park Party," these events always seem to bring a wide variety of incredibly good boys and girls. It's just the best.

Small dogs will usually sit in their owners' laps. But that doesn't mean the bigger pups can't enjoy being lap dogs as well -- no matter the size.

Just ask this pony at the Nationals game on Thursday, who their TV booth nicknamed "Clifford."

My goodness. I want to pet that dog and sneak him all the treats. I'm not sure if I want him to sit on me though, so major kudos go out to his owner, who is completely fine with it. He was lounging there for quite awhile, too.

I bet this dog would be great friends with the unit who covered the laps of two fans at a Tigers game in May ...

... and the similarly large wolfhound who took in a White Sox game a couple years back.

Just give these three big boys an entire row of season tickets and let them enjoy every game of every year. It would be the best section ever.