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This gigantic dog sprawled across two seats at Marlins-Tigers is proof that any dog can be a lap dog

For eight years, my family had a dog named Buster. We loved Buster, and he loved us. He was a slobbery, loud, shoe-eating mess who definitely figured himself to be a tiny lil' pup when in reality he was anything but tiny.

I think of him often, as he had a particularly quirky personality. And I'm reminded of him when I see goofy, big dogs earnestly pretending they're the type of dog you'd put in your purse.

This dog at Tuesday night's Marlins-Tigers game at Comerica Park is carrying the torch originally lit by Buster, and I love it.

Just as you're only as old as you feel, you're only as big as you feel, too. You go, dog.

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