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All baseball dogs should be as dedicated to playing 't-ball fetch' as this one

When you have a ball and a tee, there's not much else you need to get in some light batting practice. Sometimes, you don't even need that -- just swinging at a ball hanging securely by a string in a garage would work, too! That's not enjoying the great outdoors though, and it can be a drag to actually have to run out and grab every ball you hit.

The best solution? Have a trusted canine companion, as demonstrated by young Tyson and his dog, Diesel:

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Hitting Bombs 💣 #Fetch

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Look at that pup go! What a good boy.

It's been a work in progress to get Diesel to properly fetch the ball ...

... but the dedication has finally paid off.

We have a feeling that Diesel would make a fine bat dog, too. He has the chops, no doubt.