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Sit back and listen to LeBron James wax poetic about Ken Griffey Jr.'s classic swing

For a generation of kids, there was no one in baseball who could match Ken Griffey Jr. You might have been able to argue with fans of certain teams about whether or not he was the best player in baseball, but there was no denying that the Hall of Famer's swing carried a level of swagger that was all his own.

You can only listen to baseball nerds go on for so long about it, though. I get it. My word will only take you so far.

How about we listen to LeBron James sing Junior's praises instead? Griffey was in the broadcast booth at Monday night's Yankees-Mariners game, and upon seeing him on TV, LeBron couldn't resist indulging in some nostalgia:

Griffey was talking about someone else's swing, but LeBron wasn't about to let him be humble.

Like so many other kids who grew up watching him mash in the '90s, LeBron insisted that Griffey's swing was incomparable -- the best in MLB history.

You won't find any arguments here. The King has spoken.