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A bet's a bet, so LeBron James begrudgingly wore a full Cubs uniform to play the Bulls in Chicago

LeBron James is a man of his word. 
Before the World Series, he and his old pal Dwyane Wade planned to place a friendly wager on the outcome, since it pitted their two cities (Cleveland and Chicago) against each other.
They ultimately decided that whomever lost the bet would have to wear the other team's baseball uniform to the victor's city.
Well, the Cubs won, and on Friday James' Cavs headed to Chicago to face Wade's Bulls, so ... yup:

This doesn't mean that James was enjoying it, though: 

Nor was he the only one less than thrilled about it all:

The Cubs were happy, at least: 

Once he actually showed up at the United Center in his full-on Cubs regalia, James was the center of attention: 

James' teammate, Richard Jefferson, was also a harsh critic: 

But in the end, it's James who actually wins, because he looks like he could easily go play nine innings in the outfield right now. 
It's good to be the King, even in "defeat."