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Relive Astros-Red Sox Game 4 one more time, because it was just that crazy

The MLB postseason has only just begun, we've already seen some unforgettable stuff. The Archie Bradley triple,the Lindor grand slam, Bryce's incredible bat flip; it's been a pretty fun October so far.
But the game of the postseason so far has to be Monday's Red Sox-Astros Game 4
As Stefon from SNL would say, this game had everything: lead changes, ejections, starters coming out of the bullpen, rain, inside-the-park home runs, ballgirl interference, Charlie Morton.  It was the type of insanely crazy game that deserves to be remembered and canonized forever.
So check out the video above if you want to see us cheer about Alex Bregman and cry about Rafael Devers.