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Let's look back at the best moments of the first four games of the Yankees-Indians ALDS

It already seems like forever ago that Luis Severino and the Yankees won Game 4 of the ALDS presented by Doosan, 7-3, to force a winner-take-all Game 5 against the Indians. While that happened Monday, Wednesday night's Game 5 (8 p.m. ET on FS1) will mark the first Game 5 of the 2017 LDS's.
Before we get swept away in the excitement of what is to come in Wednesday night's pivotal game, let's take some time to look back at the great moments of the Indians-Yankees series that have led up to this.
10. Neil Patrick Harris sung the national anthem
There is only one word to describe the Emmy and Tony Award winner's performance prior to Game 3: Legendary.

9. LeBron James declared his Indians fandom
Entering the ALDS, one of the most burning questions facing the Indians and Yankees was which team would benefit from the cheers of LeBron James. Despite past dalliances with the Yankees, James, predictably, showed up to Game 1 ready to throw his considerable influence behind the Indians.

8. Yan Gomes nabbed Ronald Torreyes at second base
Before he hit a game-winning walkoff in the 13th inning of Game 2, it was Gomes' defense that gave Indians fans something to cheer about. With the game tied in the 11th inning, Torreyes was brought in to pinch run for Todd Frazier at second base.
His residency there lasted only one pitch, thanks to Gomes' impressive arm strength and pop time:

7. Mariano Rivera brought his cutter back to Yankee Stadium
In the last four years, if you've ever wondered, "Does Mo still have it?", you can sleep well after his Game 4 first pitch. He definitely still has that cutter moving:

6. Jason Kipnis showed he has the range for center field
Prior to September, Kipnis had never played a Major League inning at any position other than second base. His first game in center came on Sept. 17, so you'd think it might take him at least a month to get adjusted to his new digs. About that:

5. An Indians fan showed off the best beard of the postseason
In a postseason filled with great facial hair from Justin Turner to Dallas Keuchel and from James Harden to this guy:

It can be hard to stand out. Thanks to perfect trimming and painting, this Indians fan brought a beard that stood out from the pack:

The Indians will be fortunate to have such a strong beard on their side Wednesday night.
4. Vintage CC Sabathia showed up
In his first postseason start against his former team, Sabathia showed off the sort of stuff that earned him the 2007 Cy Young Award in Cleveland:

Sabathia is slated to start Game 5, and both he and the Yankees would love to see some more of that vintage stuff.
3. Greg Bird's game-winning home run
With the Yankees trailing the series, 2-0, they needed a win in Game 3 to keep the series alive. Thanks to Masahiro Tanaka's work on the mound and Aaron Judge's height -- more on that soon -- this solo home run from Bird in the 8th inning was all the Yankees needed to extend the series.

2. Aaron Judge robbed Francisco Lindor (and Zack Hample) of a dinger
Remember that game-winning home run from Bird we discussed above? It might not have mattered if not for Judge and his 6-foot-7 frame. In the sixth inning of Game 3, Lindor hit a deep fly ball to right field that looked like it was going to be a two-run dinger. Sadly for him, Judge is just too tall:

To make the moment even more noteworthy, Judge also robbed noted ballhawk Zack Hample of an opportunity to add to his collection of souvenirs.
1. Lindor's Game 2 grand slam
The Indians' 13-inning comeback win in Game 2 was arguably the most entertaining game of the postseason. In the sixth inning, the Indians' outlook was bleak, trailing 8-3. With one swing, Lindor made it a one-run game and changed that outlook from bleak to promising:

How big was that grand slam? Let's consult the seismograph:

Yeah. it was pretty big.
Even more great moments are sure to come in Game 5 of the ALDS presented by Doosan. To see them in real time, tune in Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on FS1.