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A shining beacon of light greeted Royals rookie Kelvin Gutierrez before his first career hit

Saturday was a big day for Royals prospect Kelvin Gutierrez, who was called up to make his MLB debut in Kansas City. The home team won, 9-4, and Gutierrez played a pivotal role on both offense and defense.

Perhaps we should have known that this greatness was soon to come. After all, just prior to his first career hit, the sun at Kauffman Stadium broke through the concourse at a perfect angle that shined down right on Gutierrez in the batter's box. It's definitely one of the best baseball photos I've ever seen.

With a blessing like that, how can anyone be surprised that Gutierrez followed it up with a hit?

At the very least, Gutierrez absolutely fulfilled a dream held by anyone who watched "Barney" as a little kid.

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