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Listen to Johnny Field reminisce about winning the College World Series

The College World Series begins on Saturday in Omaha, Neb., as the eight teams remaining in the Division-I baseball postseason tournament battle it out for the national championship. Many of the players in Omaha this year will go on to play professionally. A smaller percentage of those players will make it to the big leagues, and a fraction of those players may even get the opportunity to compete for a World Series. But for now, those in Omaha will cherish the experience of competing for a national title.
Rays rookie outfielder Johnny Field is one of the few lucky players to both make it to Omaha and reach the Major Leagues. Not only did Field make it to Omaha with the University of Arizona in 2012, he and his team took home the championship trophy. Six years later, we asked to "re-open the yearbook," in his terms, and reminisce about winning it all with the Wildcats.
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