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Vin Scully turned a story about Madison Bumgarner into a survival fable

"[Madison] Bumgarner tells a story which, in a sense, reminds you of what it takes to be a big league ballplayer," Vin Scully began in the fourth inning of Friday night's Giants-Dodgers matchup. It was a story some of us have heard before: One Spring Training while roping cattle, Bumgarner and his wife came across a snake, so Bumgarner axed it to pieces. They found two baby rabbits inside, one of which was still alive, and they nursed it back to health.
It's wonderful enough just to hear Scully tell this story, but the Dodgers legend gave it meaning, too. He knew the story had all the fixings of a fable: A larger-than-life hero (Bumgarner), animals and, most importantly, an important lesson to be taught. 
"So I guess, really, the moral to the whole story about the rabbit and the snake: You've gotta somehow survive, you've gotta somehow battle back. A lesson well taught for all of us."
Watch the video above to hear Scully's entire retelling.