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Watch Logan Morrison field a grounder while mic'd up and talking to broadcasters

Have you ever wondered what players are thinking about when they're out on the field, waiting for the ball to be hit to them? Are they stressed? Are they excited? Are they just really, really hungry?
During Thursday's Yankees-Twins game, Minnesota first baseman Logan Morrison got mic'd up in the top of the 2nd inning to give us some insight into the minds of these athletes as they put in their daily work. Mostly, Morrison just seemed out of breath. He also talked about playing alongside Joe Mauer and how he picked his new uniform number.
And then, we got a glimpse into what first basemen and baserunners talk about during those intimate, yet fleeting moments they share together every game. They tell their mothers that they love them.

At the end of the inning, Morrison even fields a grounder while communicating with the broadcast booth, voicing a simple "I gotcha, I gotcha" to starting pitcher Phil Hughes. Quite the multitasker.