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This Blue Jays fan's beard is the future of beard fashion

Fashion is a constantly evolving form of self-expression, with new ground being broken by those willing to challenge cultural norms. We'd probably all still be in Fred Flinstone-esque fur togas if The Fonz didn't say, "Hey, you know what would look really cool? T-shirts and leather jackets."
This intrepid Blue Jays fan refused to accept that beards were simply tufts of hair that emerged from the face like tufts of grass through cracked pavement. No, he made a statement. One that says, "Go Blue Jays" and will surely be picked up by the Marc Jacobses of the world at the next New York Fashion Week. 

Either that or this Blue Jays beard was simply willed into being by the collective fervor of Toronto fans and it never actually existed at all. 
(h/t @BlueJayHunter