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Lorenzo Cain lost his mind after making an incredible game-saving robbery to beat the Cardinals

Christian Yelich was the National League MVP in 2018, but teammate (and fellow new addition) Lorenzo Cain gave him a run for his money -- finishing seventh in NL MVP voting himself, in large part thanks to awesome defense in center field.

On Opening Day 2019, Cain made sure to remind everyone about just how valuable that glove can be. The Brewers were clinging to a one-run lead. All-Star Josh Hader had dominated the Cardinals, striking out the side in the eighth and getting two quick outs in the ninth. But with his team down to its last out, St. Louis' José Martínez made things much scarier in a hurry at Miller Park by demolishing Hader's 1-0 offering.

The ball sailed deep into right-center field, to the warning track and over the wall ...

... until Cain pulled it back. Instead of a tie game, it was all over and the Brewers won their opener, 5-4.

Cain did his best to convince the ball to stay within range. "I'm talking to the baseball out there, telling it to come down so I could have a chance to make a play," he said. "I timed it well and I was able to bring it back.”

Cain was ecstatic, chucking the baseball into the sky -- seemingly to never land, much like Jesse Orosco's glove after the 1986 World Series.

Cain then went crazy with Yelich and the rest of his teammates. To say that they were enthusiastic about the play would be an extreme understatement.

“Every time he does it, it’s still surprising to me,” said Mike Moustakas. “That was incredible. And every time he does it, it was the best catch I’ve ever seen."

Is there a more exciting way to kick off a season for a defending division champion? It'd be hard to imagine one, especially at home in Milwaukee.

The man knows how to celebrate a victory. We cannot deny that.